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Know your place… What?

I just self-published my sixth book in the last month. It’s a work of fiction about a hypothetical time in the near future where women’s rights in North America are non-existent, all of North America is a Christian Nation in … Continue reading

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Equality? Not any time soon…

It’s an election year. A year where candidates for President, and many other political positions, spew promises and platitudes to the general public with the hope that said candidate gets the most votes.  Pandering and begging to win your hearts, … Continue reading

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There are so many articles and ideas about forgiveness. We all know the old saying “To error is human; to forgive divine”. But what about forgiveness is divine? It comes to each person in its own time and way – how … Continue reading

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The voice

The limiting of verbal expression due to the undue fear that one person’s thoughts, expressed out loud, might change the minds of too many, has always been the precursor to outlandish and dangerously oppressive rules and laws. As if suppressing … Continue reading

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