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Today I watched as President Trump talked about “America”. He even said “God Bless America”. Not “God Bless the United States of America”. He continually refers to the USA as America. Now I realize people do this. A lot. But when you talk about “America” you could also be talking about the continent of North America. Canadians and Mexicans ARE Americans too, by that context.

Which brings me to this book. A scary, prophetic look at what could happen when xenophobia, extreme nationalism, extreme Christianity, extreme misogyny, extreme extremism, takes over.

“Women aren’t oppressed. Women have rights. The things in this book couldn’t happen.” Yes, they can. In the book women are oppressed back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant with no rights at all. They are relegated as property of the men in their lives. How many states are pushing to reduce the ability of a woman to be in control of her body? There are even states trying to remove domestic violence laws! It couldn’t happen here? Really…….

“There’s no way one religion could ever take over the US. There are laws separating church and state.” Maybe so, but have you looked at the attempts made by extreme Christianity to infiltrate not only every aspect of your life but also the government? Are you blind to the not so subtle takeover of our country? It couldn’t happen here? Really……….

“There’s no way one crazy person could cause the downfall of the civilized world as we know it. That just couldn’t happen.” A minority of the voting public just put a man in power that talked about using nukes, putting America first, putting the world on notice that he will do as he pleases and incites nationalism like a Nazi badge. If the world pushes back against this man who has one of the largest insecurity complexes and lashes out at everyone who doesn’t agree with him and throws temper tantrums a five year old would be proud of how do you think he will respond? He now has the codes to destroy the planet. He’s a bully with the button. And he will expect the world to heel. And when it doesn’t? It couldn’t happen here? Really……….

“One America? Canada and Mexico would never bow down to the United States. You don’t give enough credit to those countries to hold their own. Bunch of rubbish.” Yes, Canada and Mexico are countries in their own right. But could they defend against the country between them with a focused, determined and crazy President that has no respect for their sovereignty? A man with his finger on the button that has no problem threatening people over the smallest slight? How long do you think those countries would really last if the US decided to act against them? Especially with the current President that can’t seem to distinguish between “America” and “The United States of America”. It sounds like he already thinks everything and everyone is under his control. It couldn’t happen? Really……..

This book is a fictional story of what life might look like should all the above and more happen. And make no mistake, it IS happening. It has the potential to happen and happen quickly.

“We never thought they would go that far. And then they did.”

Kyriea – available at

kyriea book cover

About ynnarie

Lynn Salisbury grew up in the rural town of McGrath, Minnesota. After graduating from McGregor High School in the mid 1980’s, she moved to the Twin Cities. Lynn spent her 20’s and 30’s working like the average person, never imagining the calling that awaited her. But those two decades of working, learning, growing, led to the day a friend challenged Lynn to write. Lynn met that challenge and never looked back. Now she draws from her life’s experiences and creative mind to weave stories. Stories about different worlds, different lives, different perspectives. If you ask her about her life, Lynn will tell you it’s been rather simple and sometimes boring. But if you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s been a bit more exciting than that. Lynn has done everything from designing clothes ranging from prom and wedding dresses to drag queen attire and everything in-between, became a registered, ordained Pagan minister in the state of Minnesota, to creating a group, on a social media site, of fans devoted to her favorite football team that has more members than most medium sized towns. Lynn still lives in the Twin Cities area, enjoying the changing seasons, spending time with family, working, and writing. She will admit she hasn’t found her genre niche yet, and she secretly hopes she never does, leaving the possibilities wide open for any type of story that formulates in her head, mixed with a bit of muse inspiration, to spill out into the written word. She writes what she would want to read, having taken to heart a piece of advice she once heard. And she feels blessed and grateful for the chance to share her stories with the world. As the mother of three amazing, beautiful and strong daughters, Lynn knows that even when the world seems the darkest, they are her light. And she never forgets what an honor and privilege it is to be their mother. “If you haven’t had your ‘a-ha’ moment today, you haven’t been paying attention.” – Lynn Salisbury
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