It’s time…

Between battles for the rights to control a woman’s body, and what she does with it, to battles for who can be recognized in a loving, MARRIED, relationship, to who you can deny what we Americans call “basic rights” such as heath care, birth control, basic services, it is now time to have that all important discussion.

It’s time, in our politically correct America, to require everyone of a Christian faith to wear a badge, or other highly visible sign, indicating their faith. And let me tell you why…

Because that way come the holidays we won’t offend them by saying Happy Holidays but will correctly address them with Merry Christmas as is their custom.

Because we can recognize who might not be willing to help us in our time of need since our sexual orientation, alternative lifestyle, differing faith need not offend them.

Because we can recognize employers who might be offended by our life style, faith, et al and know to not only to not apply for a job with that company but also not to patronize that company because we wouldn’t want to offend them with our business.

Because like minded people will recognize each other and can patronize establishments that think like they do. They can apply to companies with the same “values” they claim to have.

Because it would help everyone to recognize who our elected politicians really are and we can vote not for what they SAY they stand for but what we KNOW they will legislate like once elected (which has proven time and again to be the case).

Because we can tour a city or town we might be thinking about moving to and see if they are in line with how we believe. If you find there are too many Christians in a town and you are Pagan you know what you are up against and can make an educated decision on where you want to live, who is teaching your children, etc.

Because we recognize that Christians feel there is a war on Christians and Christianity and we want to make sure we never again assume to know who you are. It’s easier if we have some way to recognize ahead of time so we don’t oppress or offend you in any way.

Because you all would then recognize each other and it would make it easier for YOU to choose where to live, who teaches your children, etc.

Because then we could tell you to teach YOUR children in YOUR schools anything YOU wanted to without our meddlesome interference telling YOU what YOU can’t and can do in YOUR schools. You could teach Creationism, hold prayer in YOUR schools, etc. But remember that you won’t get any of OUR money to fund your schools since our money is earned in sin and we wouldn’t want to offend you with any of OUR filthy money.

Because, in making sure you are truly recognized and shown to publically be Christian you would have a better time claiming religious discrimination since the rest of us would already be aware of who you are and there would be no excuse for oppressing or offending or discriminating against you.

Because you can recognize who is NOT one of your own and not interact with anyone who is not one of your own, not apply for jobs with a company that is not owned by someone like yourself, not shop at businesses who do not share your values, not be helped by emergency services of any type (medical, fire, police, etc) who do not share your beliefs or values.

Because you can keep Christianity “pure”. You can dictate your beliefs and dogma to those who claim to be just like you. And there shouldn’t be any problems within Christianity since your Bible is a clear and concise Word of your God that is indisputable to those of your faith.

I know this seems radical but it’s time, in a country with so many different beliefs, life style choices, etc, that those who claim they are the most oppressed, who feel they are constantly under attack, those who claim a “war” has been declared against them stand up and publically make themselves known. Not just occasionally when they feel they have been offended, but every moment of every day. Every person should know to treat you differently because of who you are, who you worship, what you believe. Because you have never oppressed a living soul, offended any single person, denied any rights to anyone else as rights have been denied to you, because you ARE the moral compass of this nation and should be seen as such.

Because never in history have we selected a group of people out and made them wear a badge indicating who they are for their own good. Never. Maybe it’s time to let the Christians have a try at it?

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time to remove all the titles, badges, assumptions, et al and treat people as YOU want to be treated (I believe that is indeed a Christian concept also).

But then again that would just be a utopian dream. I think the badges will do just fine…

About ynnarie

Lynn Salisbury grew up in the rural town of McGrath, Minnesota. After graduating from McGregor High School in the mid 1980’s, she moved to the Twin Cities. Lynn spent her 20’s and 30’s working like the average person, never imagining the calling that awaited her. But those two decades of working, learning, growing, led to the day a friend challenged Lynn to write. Lynn met that challenge and never looked back. Now she draws from her life’s experiences and creative mind to weave stories. Stories about different worlds, different lives, different perspectives. If you ask her about her life, Lynn will tell you it’s been rather simple and sometimes boring. But if you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s been a bit more exciting than that. Lynn has done everything from designing clothes ranging from prom and wedding dresses to drag queen attire and everything in-between, became a registered, ordained Pagan minister in the state of Minnesota, to creating a group, on a social media site, of fans devoted to her favorite football team that has more members than most medium sized towns. Lynn still lives in the Twin Cities area, enjoying the changing seasons, spending time with family, working, and writing. She will admit she hasn’t found her genre niche yet, and she secretly hopes she never does, leaving the possibilities wide open for any type of story that formulates in her head, mixed with a bit of muse inspiration, to spill out into the written word. She writes what she would want to read, having taken to heart a piece of advice she once heard. And she feels blessed and grateful for the chance to share her stories with the world. As the mother of three amazing, beautiful and strong daughters, Lynn knows that even when the world seems the darkest, they are her light. And she never forgets what an honor and privilege it is to be their mother. “If you haven’t had your ‘a-ha’ moment today, you haven’t been paying attention.” – Lynn Salisbury
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