Fiction or non-fiction??

A thought came to my head the other day. What has made a greater impact on the current world? Non-fiction or fiction? And by fiction I mean more specifically sci-fi/fantasy fiction?

It seems like so much of the sci-fi/fantasy fiction of past decades speaks to so many even now. Has influenced so many and continues to do so. The Hobbit books, definitely fantasy fiction, still speaks to people on so many levels. It speaks of good vs evil, the established “governments” and how they become corrupt and eventually too big and ego ridden for their own good. How all it takes is a few with determination, drive and a “way” to change the world. Even the Lord of the Rings book, The Two Towers, at the time it was coming out as a movie, made people think back to September 11th and conspiracy theories exploded about the correlation between the book and real life – and what exactly DID the author know before its time…

1984. Big brother. Who hasn’t thought that the world has gotten smaller and there is nothing you can do that can’t be spied upon? We can honestly say we are constantly being watched. We are constantly being monitored in some form or fashion – video, audio, internet, phone, texts, emails, et al. Who exactly is watching whom? And why??

Non-fiction seems to speak for the moment, for the time it was written in. Sci-fi/fantasy touches on the imagination, the what if, the futuristic. It can and has sparked the imagination of engineers and scientist who then take that spark and make it into something real. So again, I ask the question… What has been more influencial?


About ynnarie

Lynn Salisbury grew up in the rural town of McGrath, Minnesota. After graduating from McGregor High School in the mid 1980’s, she moved to the Twin Cities. Lynn spent her 20’s and 30’s working like the average person, never imagining the calling that awaited her. But those two decades of working, learning, growing, led to the day a friend challenged Lynn to write. Lynn met that challenge and never looked back. Now she draws from her life’s experiences and creative mind to weave stories. Stories about different worlds, different lives, different perspectives. If you ask her about her life, Lynn will tell you it’s been rather simple and sometimes boring. But if you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s been a bit more exciting than that. Lynn has done everything from designing clothes ranging from prom and wedding dresses to drag queen attire and everything in-between, became a registered, ordained Pagan minister in the state of Minnesota, to creating a group, on a social media site, of fans devoted to her favorite football team that has more members than most medium sized towns. Lynn still lives in the Twin Cities area, enjoying the changing seasons, spending time with family, working, and writing. She will admit she hasn’t found her genre niche yet, and she secretly hopes she never does, leaving the possibilities wide open for any type of story that formulates in her head, mixed with a bit of muse inspiration, to spill out into the written word. She writes what she would want to read, having taken to heart a piece of advice she once heard. And she feels blessed and grateful for the chance to share her stories with the world. As the mother of three amazing, beautiful and strong daughters, Lynn knows that even when the world seems the darkest, they are her light. And she never forgets what an honor and privilege it is to be their mother. “If you haven’t had your ‘a-ha’ moment today, you haven’t been paying attention.” – Lynn Salisbury
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2 Responses to Fiction or non-fiction??

  1. There’s no point of thinking that non-fiction is essentially ephemeral on its intention. Theoretically works of Plato or Nietzsche are non-fictions too, but they have transcended beyond their own period, way into the future, having the same qualities of a visionary.

  2. ynnarie says:

    I agree with what you said, but typically non-fiction of the current age (last 50-75 years) is more in-the-moment. Whether it transcends the test of time, unfortunately, is yet to be seen – and probably not in my lifetime. When I browse the lists of the non-fiction that is out there – that people seem to be interested in – it seems less time transcending and more of a rant of the day. That’s all my observation was saying. Thank you for you comment 🙂

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