Who gives you the “right”?

The right to bear arms never meant the right to own enough guns or even own one gun capable of mass destruction. It was meant to protect ones own family and property and to allow for the formation of militia. And when that “right” was penned there wasn’t such a thing as a semi or fully automatic weapon with extended clips/magazines. I’m sure there wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s head back then that would glimmer at imagining a weapon that could cut down dozens of people in the blink of an eye by just pulling a trigger once.

I do not dispute that people have the right to own a gun. It’s the kind of gun you own that scares me. You can tell me until you’re blue in the face that YOUR gun would never be used in a crime, or that you would never allow your gun to be misused in any way. That YOU know how to use it and it’s your (sic)”God given right” to own whatever you want to own.

That “guns don’t kill people – people kill people”. Well, your precious semi auto extended magazine AR-15 does a damn good job of mass slaughter with the pull of a trigger now doesn’t it.

And don’t get me started on “need it to hunt with”. I come from a family that hunted my entire life and we did not need or use a semi ANYTHING. If you can’t hit your target with skill you don’t need to be out hunting in the first place.

And the “I like to shoot it at the range” BS doesn’t count either. Again, there is no skill in just pulling the trigger and blowing something away that way. It’s a cheap thrill at best by those who don’t want to take the time to learn how to shoot a real weapon that takes practice and skill.

I also hate to break it to you. God didn’t give you that right. God, if you want to go there, promises only 2 things. Life and death. Everything in between is up to us. Living beings. Man gave you that “right”. And yes, man CAN take it away. And there are times MAN should.

If you can’t see that for the greater good you may have to give up your high powered semi automatic assault weapon then not even God can help you. For you do not see anything past your own twisted warped sense of what YOU want and be damned the rest of the world.

Until it’s your child. Your wife. Your neighbor. Your weapon.

And even then I don’t think you will care enough see that there should be some restrictions to what you are allowed to own.

Because, what this ultimately really is about, is YOU. You say it’s for your family, your “stuff”, but it’s really about YOU.

Let’s hope you or yours will never be at the wrong end of a gun like the kind you hug so dear to yourself. I would hate to say “I told you so…”…

But I would.

Because it’s always about your “rights” until it’s about a life you hold dear.

And by then it’ll be just a moment too late.

And even “I told you so…” will be just hollow words to the heartbreak you feel.


About ynnarie

Lynn Salisbury grew up in the rural town of McGrath, Minnesota. After graduating from McGregor High School in the mid 1980’s, she moved to the Twin Cities. Lynn spent her 20’s and 30’s working like the average person, never imagining the calling that awaited her. But those two decades of working, learning, growing, led to the day a friend challenged Lynn to write. Lynn met that challenge and never looked back. Now she draws from her life’s experiences and creative mind to weave stories. Stories about different worlds, different lives, different perspectives. If you ask her about her life, Lynn will tell you it’s been rather simple and sometimes boring. But if you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s been a bit more exciting than that. Lynn has done everything from designing clothes ranging from prom and wedding dresses to drag queen attire and everything in-between, became a registered, ordained Pagan minister in the state of Minnesota, to creating a group, on a social media site, of fans devoted to her favorite football team that has more members than most medium sized towns. Lynn still lives in the Twin Cities area, enjoying the changing seasons, spending time with family, working, and writing. She will admit she hasn’t found her genre niche yet, and she secretly hopes she never does, leaving the possibilities wide open for any type of story that formulates in her head, mixed with a bit of muse inspiration, to spill out into the written word. She writes what she would want to read, having taken to heart a piece of advice she once heard. And she feels blessed and grateful for the chance to share her stories with the world. As the mother of three amazing, beautiful and strong daughters, Lynn knows that even when the world seems the darkest, they are her light. And she never forgets what an honor and privilege it is to be their mother. “If you haven’t had your ‘a-ha’ moment today, you haven’t been paying attention.” – Lynn Salisbury
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