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Today I watched as President Trump talked about “America”. He even said “God Bless America”. Not “God Bless the United States of America”. He continually refers to the USA as America. Now I realize people do this. A lot. But when you talk about “America” you could also be talking about the continent of North America. Canadians and Mexicans ARE Americans too, by that context.

Which brings me to this book. A scary, prophetic look at what could happen when xenophobia, extreme nationalism, extreme Christianity, extreme misogyny, extreme extremism, takes over.

“Women aren’t oppressed. Women have rights. The things in this book couldn’t happen.” Yes, they can. In the book women are oppressed back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant with no rights at all. They are relegated as property of the men in their lives. How many states are pushing to reduce the ability of a woman to be in control of her body? There are even states trying to remove domestic violence laws! It couldn’t happen here? Really…….

“There’s no way one religion could ever take over the US. There are laws separating church and state.” Maybe so, but have you looked at the attempts made by extreme Christianity to infiltrate not only every aspect of your life but also the government? Are you blind to the not so subtle takeover of our country? It couldn’t happen here? Really……….

“There’s no way one crazy person could cause the downfall of the civilized world as we know it. That just couldn’t happen.” A minority of the voting public just put a man in power that talked about using nukes, putting America first, putting the world on notice that he will do as he pleases and incites nationalism like a Nazi badge. If the world pushes back against this man who has one of the largest insecurity complexes and lashes out at everyone who doesn’t agree with him and throws temper tantrums a five year old would be proud of how do you think he will respond? He now has the codes to destroy the planet. He’s a bully with the button. And he will expect the world to heel. And when it doesn’t? It couldn’t happen here? Really……….

“One America? Canada and Mexico would never bow down to the United States. You don’t give enough credit to those countries to hold their own. Bunch of rubbish.” Yes, Canada and Mexico are countries in their own right. But could they defend against the country between them with a focused, determined and crazy President that has no respect for their sovereignty? A man with his finger on the button that has no problem threatening people over the smallest slight? How long do you think those countries would really last if the US decided to act against them? Especially with the current President that can’t seem to distinguish between “America” and “The United States of America”. It sounds like he already thinks everything and everyone is under his control. It couldn’t happen? Really……..

This book is a fictional story of what life might look like should all the above and more happen. And make no mistake, it IS happening. It has the potential to happen and happen quickly.

“We never thought they would go that far. And then they did.”

Kyriea – available at

kyriea book cover

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Fiction or Prophecy

World wide rage. Media misinformation. Fanatical religious zealots taking over politics. Violence everywhere. Women’s rights disappearing. Strongly held Christian beliefs infiltrating every aspect of life, whether you follow that deity or not. Mass hysteria. War.

Real life? Or just the plot of a book?

You decide.

The struggles of a young woman who finds herself in danger from accepted society. A society where women are nothing more than property. Escaping potential death, this young woman finds that changing the world isn’t as easy as one would think. And a lot more deadly than one would hope. Can humanity survive the change?


kyriea book cover

I wrote this novel in 2015 as part of NaNoWriMo. At the time, readers thought it a great read but definitely fiction, stating that we, as a nation, would never let it get that far.

Less than a year later and it’s potential to be more prophetic than fiction scares even me.

“Kyriea” is available in e-book and paperback at Read it and decide for yourself. And then decide if it’s a real world you would want to live in.

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If you’re on Goodreads  enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 free, signed copies of my latest novel “Kyriea”. Also available at in paperback and ebook. Thank you and good luck!

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Gender traitors

I am a woman. Proud to be a woman. Advocate for women’s issues. Write books with strong women in them. And I’m appalled when women do things against their own best interest.

Women who want to close Planned Parenthood clinics knowing full well that almost all those services that PP provides help women, and men, of all ages and incomes with affordable services well above and beyond just “abortions”.

Women who back keeping minimum wages low, knowing that a large part of those who make below poverty level incomes aren’t single. They are mothers, and fathers, struggling to feed and house a family, children.

Women who make, and support, laws that make health care not just unattainable, but well out of reach, keeping the masses sick so they can’t fight for their rights.

Women who back men like Donald Trump, a well known narcissistic, misogynistic blowhard that demeans women at every opportunity and makes no apologies for continually lowering women to second class citizens.

These women should be ashamed of themselves. Actually, they aren’t really women. Women are strong, independent, intelligent and don’t throw other women under the bus. “Females”, on the other hand, are just humans with female reproductive parts. “Females” want to be a part of the “old boy’s club” and do everything they can to try and fit in. They aren’t just “tomboys” hanging with the guys, they are traitors to their gender. “Females” like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter who are so far up the “old boy’s club” asses that they couldn’t recognize daylight if someone shoved the sun up there.

Women, true, gender accepting and loving women, who embrace what it means to be a woman, think for themselves. They realize that there IS a war on women and these “females” are selling out their own gender in the hopes that their affiliation with the “old boy’s club” will keep them from suffering the oppression and subjugation being inflicted upon the rest of the gender.

I have news for you “females”. Brown-nosing the likes of Trump will earn you nothing except a brief reprieve from the war they inflict on the rest of the gender. And when the war reaches you, you will have no one left to fight for your cause. You can’t sell out an entire gender to raise yourself up and when you find yourself the target of the same people you supported come running back and expect sympathy. There won’t be any for you. You will find yourself just as oppressed as the ones you chose to oppress. You will find yourself without a voice, wondering how you were forgotten by the very men you supported. They will have used you to get what they want and then they will have thrown you away like yesterday’s trash.

And the women you stepped on to stand next to those men will not help you. We know your names. We revile the air your breathe. You are not women. You are “females” by reproductive parts only. And you are not welcome.

Grovel at the feet of your masters. You should know how to do that. Just drop to your knees… They might just throw you a bone.

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“You complete me…” and other rubbish

Women everywhere fawned over those three words “You complete me.” when Tom Cruise uttered them in a movie. At that moment thousands, if not millions, started looking for, wanting desperately, pathologically stalking for the “one” that would “complete” them.

Rubbish. Vomit inducing. Crap. Co-dependent forming. Just plain ICK.

No one ever seems to want to hear that you DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO COMPLETE YOU. You are a whole being in and of YOURSELF. You do not and never will NEED anyone to complete you. EVER.

I really wish I could imprint that into the brainpan of every single human being.

In reality, you don’t NEED anyone. And shocker! No one NEEDS you. It’s wonderful and a blessing to have people around who love you and be around people you love. But need? Ego hit… no.

You might wonder where all this frustration is coming from. It has built over time due to a little thing people seem to clinging to like Jack clung to the drift at the end of Titanic. “Never let go………”. I digress. This whole whacked out concept of soul mates. Now sparkled up with fluffy bunnies and rainbows and called Twin Flames.

The concept? That before you incarnated into this physical form you were a soul. And then your soul split (somehow, not sure considering a soul is usually defined as energy and as such just IS, but again I digress) and half of your “soul” entered one body and the other half entered another and  you are on a “soul mission” as it were to find that lost part of your soul. Your “other half”. And how “amazing and fulfilling and wonderful it is to meet your twin flame! So wonderful that if you haven’t experienced it you can never know! But I found my twin flame and now I am complete (co-dependent) and can’t imagine living without this person because we BELONG together forever, and ever, and ever, and ever (said in the creepy twin [total pun] voices from the Shining).”

The desperation I see in the written word about how people NEED to find their twin flame and how much better they think their lives will be once found is saddening. Creepy, sick, and saddening. It speaks to a culture of humans that can’t survive on their own. Who feel they need another person to fill the empty spaces. It’s a therapists dream job and they won’t be going out of business any time soon.

These people also call  themselves “old souls”, like giving themselves the title means that they have some special universal “knowing” that the rest of the world does not and therefore couldn’t possibly understand. I won’t go into my belief about “old souls” here since it would be a blog in and of itself, but let’s just say I don’t believe in “old souls” either. (Hint: souls are universal energy manifested in corporal form to experience life. There is no old or young or in-between soul age. All comes from the universe and is of the same infinite age therefore one part cannot be older than the other parts since all are part of the one. Yeah, I’ll blog about that sometime soon. lol).

And, of course, it’s very easy to prop one’s self up and say “I am this or that and KNOW. Not that you could understand because it is VERY obvious you wouldn’t know what I know.” All said looking down their nose while saying it while also saying they are so enlightened and full of love…

Yeah. Okay. And yet you can’t exist without this “other half” of yourself running around somewhere that you are so DESPERATE to find to “complete” yourself.

Those in my life that I love and who love me enhance my living experience and I choose to have them in my life like they choose me every moment of every day. I am blessed to be surrounded by those who choose to stay. I am blessed by the time I have spent with those who are no longer in my current experience (for whatever reason) and I am thankful and grateful I am still here to experience this thing called life.

But I am whole, all by myself. I love myself enough to know I AM enough. I don’t need to be completed, found, joined with, or reconnected with my other half because there is no other part of me out there, other than the connection we all have to each other and in the universe (again another blog to explain more about that).

For those that feel they need the twin flame concept to make them feel complete, I recognize they are still in their spiritual infancy, needing to find something in the corporal mishmash that makes sense. I know there is a lot more growing they need to do while in a physical body to understand how ALL things are connected. I really hope some of them realize that to depend so much on that connection with another as an all encompassing NEED is more damaging to their path at this point (although I do need to concede that each person is at the point in their path they need to be [spiritual stuff can be so deep sometimes]) and they need to seek their own path, not one where someone has to be there to hold their hand.

Until they do, I will just follow my path as I know it and welcome those who cross it, regardless of their awareness. Yeah, I know, sounds kind of condescending, although truly it’s not. Just acceptance :).

Blessings, peace, love, namaste

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Know your place… What?

I just self-published my sixth book in the last month. It’s a work of fiction about a hypothetical time in the near future where women’s rights in North America are non-existent, all of North America is a Christian Nation in a strict, biblical sense, and men control everything. When I was writing this book I took a look around me at the articles and essays and news bits of our current time and said to myself “what if this extremist view ever took hold and never let go?” It was a work of fiction, like so many fiction writers of the last century wrote, that took contemporary cultural situations and expanded them in the most extreme ways possible. Ways that make a book like “1984” scare us, only to realize three decades later that the book was frighteningly accurate, even if it wasn’t literal in many ways. (If you are interested in my version of what may come to pass, “Kyriea” can be purchased in either paperback or ebook version at – author name Lynn Salisbury.)

Then I read about extremist, Christian based churches, that take the bible so literally that they have websites, magazines and interventions where women council, teach and hound other women to submit to their husbands in the most humiliating, abusive, degrading ways. Where they expound the virtues of making themselves so small, so subservient, so dependent on a man to tell them what to do, what to think, what to wear, what to eat, who they can talk to, where they can go, et al, so that, at the end of the day, the woman has no self-worth, but has given everything to the “man of the household” and then expect him to respect them in turn for being whipping posts for his every whims. (Google “Quiverfull” or “Titus 2 Women” for more of this wonderful, subjugating, misogynistic teachings.)

And all in the name of “God”.

Because there is a sky fairy who supposedly told a bunch of old, misogynistic, drunk men thousands of years ago a story about how if they don’t follow the rules from the voices they heard in their heads they would spend their eternal soul life after death burning in some lava river presided over by an ex-angel who had the audacity to stand up to said sadistic, jealous, temperamental, vindictive, spoiled sky deity. “Oh, and by the way, if you follow my rules I will allow you to control and punish all the females of your species in any way you see fit since I’m giving you the all mighty control over every aspect of their lives too and if they don’t like it tell them GOD told you it was okay.”

The frightening thing about all this isn’t that there are men out there who spew this garbage and embrace it whole-heartedly (although that in and of itself is frightening), but there are women who do the same! Women who, either because they drank the kool-aid and believe such balderdash or are too scared and brainwashed to stand up for themselves, actively encourage other women to become victims to the mindset that men are endowed by “God” to rule over them and treat them in any fashion he sees fit because some male deity decreed it was the way things should be. Women who have so little self-worth that they don’t have the fortitude to stand up and declare that they are people with rights, beliefs, aspirations and worth and should be treated with respect for being humans. Women who have so little respect for other women that they would convince others that this is the proper way for women to be treated and see nothing wrong with the abusive, controlling, misogynistic, pathetic men who would treat women in such a manner.

THIS. THIS is what is wrong with the world. This belief that women are subservient, property, need controlling, need a man to tell them what is best for them. Women who have no respect for themselves or other women. And the men who perpetuate the abuses.

I would say these women are victims, and some truly are, but some are victims of their own female kin who indoctrinated them into the role of religious sex slave to a man who cares nothing but getting his, and keeping his, and making sure his property is properly obedient and man fearing. Not just “God” fearing, but man fearing.

I’ll close with a short paragraph from my book. Kyriea was asking her grandfather how the world had come to the place it currently was at, where women were nothing but property. This is part of his answer…

“You asked why no one like myself stopped the changes that were happening. We failed you. With every new law changed we told ourselves that they couldn’t do anymore damage. They may have gone ‘this far’ but they would never go ‘that far’. And then they went farther. And then it was too late.”

How far do we let people go before all we can do is shake our heads and realize it’s too late?

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Equality? Not any time soon…

It’s an election year. A year where candidates for President, and many other political positions, spew promises and platitudes to the general public with the hope that said candidate gets the most votes.  Pandering and begging to win your hearts, your minds and, most importantly, your confidence. One of the largest groups, in general, the candidates try to woo is the female vote. Knowing that the female gender makes up half of the species, it’s a needed vote. Turn away women and it’s a hard, uphill climb.

But what exactly does “winning the female vote” look like? What do women really want in a leader? And for that matter, what do women really consider important in life?

All loaded questions, but questions that, at the moment, don’t really have answers. Add the fact that women are just as diverse as men and you will have as many answers as you have women. But there is one thing that remains true no matter who wins any election.

Women will never be equal until everything is equal. Just as men will never be equal until everything is equal. First of all, men are just as unequal as women, just in difference ways. Traditionally men have had more flexibility in job potential, in earning potential, in educational opportunities, in advancement opportunities. Until men are treated equal with women they will never know what women go through.

But the most important inequality that needs to change is how society, men and women included, view women as a whole. Women are as much to blame as men in this. It’s clearly evident by looking at any social media site that women, as a whole, do not like other women, do not trust other women, and women are being pitted against other women for the scraps society deems they are worthy of.

What does equality look like? I guess it depends on what you think is fair. I know, life isn’t fair. But that doesn’t mean that we, as humans, can’t be more compassionate and understanding. That is the “fair” I am talking about.

Century after century women have been given a monetary worth. Cows, grain, gems, land, dowries, contracts, et al, have been used to buy and sell women. Rarely did a woman have a choice, the decision being made by the male head of the household, benefiting the male head of the household. The women had to be worthy of the price. Virginity being the highest bargaining tool. If she wasn’t pure, she wasn’t worth it. Even now, that one item, virginity, seems to define a woman’s worth before marriage. If she isn’t pure, she’s tainted. There are still some cultures where the families want proof on the wedding night that the woman was a virgin, requesting or requiring the newly married couple to produce the bedsheet with the bloody proof of virginity.

As antiquated and humiliating as that may sound, there are other societal qualifiers to a woman’s worth. Namely, does the woman like sex and engage in sex with whomever she chooses whenever she chooses? There is a word (actually quite a few words) to describe a woman like that. Slut. And closely behind the woman who likes sex is the woman who has children with more than one man. Whore.

Until recently, a man who had many children by different women was a player. If he couldn’t support all of them he was considered a deadbeat dad but no real social stigma was applied. If a man liked sex and had lots of it with lots of different women he was a stud. Men wanted to be like him. They envied him. But women have never had the same consideration.

There was a time, a very long time ago, when women didn’t answer to men the way they are expected to now (and over the last five thousand years). Pre-history has uncovered cultures where the mother was the head of the household. Where daughters, not sons, inherited position and property. A time when it didn’t matter who the father was, only who the mother was – something that couldn’t be brought into question. No woman would be chastised or ostracized for having children with different fathers. No woman would have to worry about her worth other than her contribution to the community. She was worthy by being a woman. No justification needed.

But that isn’t the world we live in now. And even though many women have fought the fight to make the genders more equal, there is so much farther to go. So much farther. And most women today wouldn’t even know where to start. They give equality lip service. It’s not just about equal pay or job availability. It’s about equal across the board.

It’s about acknowledging that a woman is more than capable of making her own decisions about her education, career, living arrangements, partnerships, children, sex, her body, without condemning her actions. And it’s not just men who seem to want to judge and condemn. The worse critic now of female empowerment is other women.

Until women stop condemning and judging other women for their own choices how do we expect men to do the same? When women continue to call out other women because they don’t like how they dress, how they act, what job they have, how many people they have slept with, how many children they have had with how many men, et al, we can’t expect men not to follow suit.

When we have women who advocate with men that a woman’s body is not her own but just an incubator, how can we make men take seriously the fight that a woman has the inherent right and ability to choose for herself? When women betray other women by degrading, belittling, insulting, shaming, and harassing them for being themselves, how to we expect men to be any better?

Stop for a moment and look around yourself at all the women you see. You typically see every size, shape and age represented in any given day. Each woman is worthy of compassion and understanding. Of support and acceptance. No person, man or woman, should ever have to justify their existence, nor have a monetary value placed on it, except a living wage for honest work. No one should have to justify the choices they make in good conscious without ill intent.

Want to have fifteen, fifty, one hundred sex partners in your life? Be smart, be safe, have fun! Have three children, each with a different father, or different mother for that matter? Love your children, provide for your children, raise them with empathy, understanding and compassion, and that’s all I ask. Want purple hair, piercings and tattoos, and wear dark, PVC vinyl clothing everywhere? Awesome! Want to stay at home and read a book most nights, cuddling with your dog or cat, and enjoy the occasional television show alone? Not a damn thing wrong with it!

There are many obstacles along the path to equality. Women don’t need to get in their own way. And men need to understand that women, in general, don’t need them, just like men, really, don’t need women. But we are all really nice to have around.

So, before you jump on social media to post that picture of the woman dressed provocatively, or might be overweight but wearing clothing you wouldn’t wear but she decided to, or comment on an article that talks about how a woman has made the decision in her life, for her family, for her, that you don’t agree with, stop and realize that you are part of the problem with equality in this world. The more you feed it the more it grows. And until we all collectively STOP, it will never go away. Utopian maybe, but a better direction than the gladiator games we play now in the social arena that does nothing but make people angry and destroy more lives that it helps. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Be the solution, one person at a time, each and every day.

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There are so many articles and ideas about forgiveness. We all know the old saying “To error is human; to forgive divine”. But what about forgiveness is divine? It comes to each person in its own time and way – how and why forgiveness is the path to take for whatever reason. In the spirit of finding my own forgiveness I am going to forgive also. Not just myself, but others.

Normally, forgiveness isn’t a hard thing for me to do. I forgive many things and give more than my fair share of chances. But there are people in my life I have yet to forgive, and it’s baggage I’m ready to set down.

These people were a staple in my life for many years. For five days a week, forty weeks out of the year, for six years straight, we were in the same place at the same time with no choice in the matter. This was high school. I went to a very small school in rural Minnesota. Junior high students and senior high students attended classes in the same building. Everyone knew everyone else. There was no chance of being invisible.

And I wasn’t very popular.

Bullying isn’t something new. Granted, we didn’t have the internet so when you went home you got a break. But the next day you had no choice but to go back to school. And teachers didn’t get involved.

From the first day in seventh grade I knew I wasn’t going to fit in. I didn’t attend elementary school with most of the kids so I wasn’t part of any friendships or groups. And I had no idea how to fit in. I was different. I didn’t have the nice clothes, the perfect hair, parents with great jobs. I wasn’t athletic. I liked to read and loved music.

Kids catch on to that. Very quickly.

It’s not that I didn’t try. I did. And I failed miserably. And I didn’t stop trying. I had no idea how the social dynamic worked but I always thought, since a young age, that everyone deserved a chance. But that’s not high school.

It was pretty clear within a few months that I was an outsider. That would have been okay except in a small school that makes you a target. I was also a slightly overweight child with glasses since first grade. My parents couldn’t afford contacts or braces or the best clothes or fancy hairstyles. I didn’t wear makeup. I lived on a horse farm. There couldn’t have been a bigger target on my back for bullies. And it seemed like everyone knew my name.

I can honestly say I hated high school. It had its moments, of course, that made it okay at times. By tenth grade I had a few friends but no one close. Just a few people that didn’t take the time to make fun of me.

All that added up to an adult who also hated the people she went to school with.

That was thirty years ago now. I graduated from McGregor High School in 1986. Yes, that makes me 48 this year. And yes, I still haven’t forgiven those people. I never went to a class reunion. And if it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t have any contact with any of them to this day.

Over the years two people I graduated with did reach out and say they were sorry. Those two I have forgiven. It touched me that they took the time to apologize. And I appreciate it.

But it’s time I forgive the rest of them. Not because they are sorry. I doubt they even think about it. But because it’s time I let it go. The taunts about how fat I was, how stupid I was, how I wasn’t worth the time of day. All of it has affected me as an adult and I am tired of the control it still holds over me. I have carried that baggage for over thirty years and it’s time I let it go.

Not for them. For me.

I have done a lot in those thirty years. I have three amazing daughters. I have met some wonderful people along the way who like me for who I am. I have run a successful personal business, am the author of six published books, and love who I have become. So it’s time.

Time to forgive those who made my life miserable so long ago. And I just want to tell them all…

I forgive you. You hold my childhood hostage no longer. You don’t rent space in my head any longer. I may have been a child that couldn’t fit into your world, but that’s okay now. I wasn’t meant to be one of you. I have always been me. And that’s okay too. It was okay then also, I just didn’t know it.

I hope you all have had a good life. I hope you continue to do so. I have seen some of you since high school and it was evident that you still had the power to make me feel small. Power I let you have. I have taken that power back and no longer will you pull me back to a time I felt inferior to you. You were just kids, like I was. But now I’m an adult and it’s time I act like it. It’s time I take control back. And I have.

If we ever meet again it will be as equals. As people who have lives and struggles and joys. Not as those kids in high school struggling to just get by.

In this I am whole again. I have found my freedom and release from the cage that was high school so many years ago.

I forgive you all.


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Fantasy or Prophetic?

World wide rage. Media misinformation. Fanatical religious zealots taking over politics. Violence everywhere. Women’s rights disappearing. Strongly held Christian beliefs infiltrating ever aspect of life, whether you follow that deity or not. Mass hysteria. War.

Real life? Or just the plot of a book?

You decide.

“Kyriea” now available at in paperback. Author – Lynn Salisbury

The struggles of a young woman who finds herself in danger from accepted society. A society where women are nothing more than property. Escaping potential death, this young woman finds that changing the world isn’t as easy as one would think. And a lot more deadly than one would hope. Can humanity survive the change?


kyriea book cover

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Coming soon…

kyriea book cover

Book #6 is coming soon.

Kyriea – by Lynn Salisbury

“Born into a world that doesn’t want to hear her voice, one young woman finds herself adrift. Having no choice but to leave the only life she has ever known, she runs to a world where everyone hangs on her ever word. Words that get people killed. Reluctantly, having found her destiny, one young woman changes the world, and humanity with it. But the real question is… for how long can humanity refrain from trying to implode in on itself?”

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